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Have your say with what shows you want to see performed…

The Vass Theatre Group has produced, toured, and developed professional theatrical productions in Australia and around the world for decades. Our association with producers and artistic directors has seen and will see an amazing array of product entering the Australian market in the years to come. Moving forward, however, we want to engage you our patrons in the process we normally do behind closed doors in three critical areas when creating a show and when planning what will entertain an audience… that is by the way You!

Why you may ask?  Well, we are glad you asked and if you follow our Founder Aleksandar Vass OAM you will know that he is a great believer in the ‘Business of Show Business’. In staging any production, Mr Vass is looking for a great story that will engage an audience and of course the best and most talented people to deliver the story to You.

This is your opportunity in the following three areas to let us know what show, or type of show you would like to see and who you would like to see perform on stage.

Our guidelines for this process are simple, the shows you recommend must be Cult type shows and the talent you recommend to us must be Australian.

What’s Your Cult Show

Australian, West-End, Off-Broadway what is the show you would love to see performed on a Melbourne stage then toured? 
If you have been waiting to see a Show… We want to know!

What Topic or Theme

You have an idea of a Show that you would like to see made based on our criteria of what a Cult Show is we want to know… Maybe it’s Stranger Things: The Musical! or The Edmonds Cookbook. The chances are someone else would love to also! 

Your Choice in Talent

We want to know who you would like to see on stage! Known or unknown if you think you would love to see a performer onstage and you feel others would also, we want to know about this amazing Australian Star of stage.

What do I do?

Click on the link provided under a heading and complete the form to provide us with your input.  

What is a Cult Show?

When a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a piece of artwork in various media, maybe a film, book, musical artist, television series or video game, among other things, is said to have a cult following then we will be there looking for a stage show…

What happens after you make a recommendation?

This is the exciting bit as its very new to us. Here is what we are planning to do with the information provided.

    • Your Show choices: Once we have a list of Shows we will open a new voting system up on this site to gauge the interest in the Show. We will make this information public as a percentage pitching each Show against another and in the background, we will be looking into the availability of the rights and actively researching through the reviews and analytical data available to create a financial viability score for the Show. Basically, we place as much data into our magical hat, and like in Puffs the Hat will point us in the right direction. Of course, the more votes we receive for a Show the harder we will be working at bringing that Show to our stage!
    • Topics & Themes: Firstly, we will research to see if anyone has or is working on creating a Show based on your idea. We will also discuss the topics with our associated writers in our Group while we add the list of ideas to our new voting system to gauge interest. Of course, we will encourage the writers in the wider community to approach us if they are passionate about a topic on the list and would like to work with us on the creation of the Show.
    • The Stars: With this information, we will do our research on your favour Australian Talent. In our world, there will always have to be an audition process and a part to play, however, your opinion matters to us. We will take your recommendation into account while ensuring our Founder’s critical rigour is adhered too so that we see the absolute best of Australia’s talent on our stages. What we hope to find here is the person that we may not have thought of or been willing to approach… your input could see a new Star hit the stage or a Star return to one of our stages.

Why are we doing this?

In 2019 we setup the charity named Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc. at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda. During that process we reflected on why we do what we do within the group and we came up with the following statement.

“The Alex Theatre in St Kilda is powered by Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc, a non-profit Charity. ART Performances are powered by YOU.

Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc envisions a vibrant and healthy community that supports, cultivates, and appreciates the arts.”

This statement revealed to us why we do what we do and who we do it for… and its You. Sounds a little corny I know but its true without you who are we? You could say we are here to entertain you so it makes total sense to us that we should get your input in what we plan to stage in Melbourne and beyond.

Why are you asking for my name and contact details

For a couple of reasons. The first one is if we stage your suggested Show, create a Show from your recommendation or hire the person you recommended then we want to make sure you receive a VIP ticket to a performance plus a credit in the production. The second reason is your name will be going into a draw for free tickets to see a Show we stage plus any other free stuff we can come up with to give away! 


This system is a work in progress and as such if you have an idea that will make it more interesting or work just that little bit better we want to hear from you. 

Please email the General Manager of the Vass Theatre Group on allan@vasstg.com.au

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