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about us.

Founded by Aleksandar Vass OAM, the Vass Theatre Group is the strategic hub for involvement in a wide range of Australian and International theatrical activities from ownership of venues, production, management, national and international touring.

Alex Theatre Co has been set up as a professional repertory musical theatre company supported by Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc and Vass Productions to stage commercial Off-Broadway & Westend styled shows. 

We are focused on shows that will entertain audiences, and ensure the ongoing development of Australian musical theatre performance talent for the world stage. 

It is one thing to train talented performers in our great performance institutes across this country, however, we also have to ensure there is a vibrant Australian Musical industry for these performers to entertain Us within.  


Our focus.

To bring stories to life on stage and create a vibrant ecosystem that will have a ripple effect that brings enjoyment to our community, drives customers to local businesses and in turn activate theatres.

To enliven our industry by providing sustainable work for our cohort of mercenaries of old, performers and production crew alike who band together on stage to entertain you.
Musical Theatre

Melbourne's Hub for Cult Music Theatre and commercial Play productions as part of the Alex Theatre project.
We will Entertain You!

Production House

Developing a network of venues, resources and investors to stage Off Broadway and Westend styled productions.
The Alex Theatre Project


An important part of our mission is to ensure a network of towns and cities across Australia have access to live shows.
Coming Soon...


We are committed to the ongoing education and development of our industry.
We call this...
The eXtension Program.

Hear from Aleksandar Vass OAM

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Our team.

Our amazing production dream teams are lead by...
Aleksandar Vasiljevic OAM
Aleksandar Vass OAM

Founder & Visionary

Pending update

Artistic Director

Pending update

Theatre Programmer

Vass Productions
Vass Productions

Great Theatrical Experiences

Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc

Proudly Supporting the Arts

Alex Theatre

A project of passion for the Arts

Alex Theatre Academy

Education is Our Future

Vass Theatre Group

Vass Theatre Group

A World of Theatrical Experience


Show Details

We will announce shortly in our 2022 season at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda

Style of Show

Cult Musical Theatre and Commercial Play Productions. 

encompassing Off-Broadway and Westend shows that thrill, as well as engage audiences…

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

What is Cult Theatre?

When a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a piece of artwork in various media, maybe a film, book, musical artist, television series or video game, among other things, is said to have a cult following then we will be there looking for a stage show…


We love to collaborate with like minded companies with similar vision and motivations. 

We want to be the catalyst that encourages others to stand up and take centre stage in our mission to create a vibrant musical theatre ecosystem… 

Paris Underground

Our Commitment

To continue in the vision of Aleksandar Vass OAM to create strategic hubs that attract and create opportunities for audiences and those working in the arts community. 

We welcome you to join us in our commitment to the ongoing development of Musical Theatre in Australia. 

Bad Jews


Per Month

Supporting Alex Theatre Co.

We acknowledge that our vision is larger than one organisation can bring into reality, so we choose not to stand alone in our endeavours.

We call on you to join us on this journey and look forward to collaborating on amazing projects together.

More information coming soon…


More information coming soon…

The Alex Angels

We need your involvement, click here to get involved and join those already supporting our mission.

To find out more about:



To envision the future and guide us forward on our journey together.
Aleksandar Vass OAM
While work in the area of cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology is beginning to explain why we value a narrative as a human, what we can all relate too, putting aside the science; ‘there is nothing like a good story!’ Story’s move us, teach us and add value to our lives. This is why we are in the business of show business; a creative challenge where we strive to refine the art of story telling for growth and the enjoyment of all involved.
Aleksandar Vass OAM

Founder & Visionary

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